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The leading BigCommerce e-commerce solution provider, WebBee Global, ensures to offer seamless Amazon ERP integration services to its existing and potential customers.

No Hassle For Shipping

Becoming a seller online is not an easy job. When you receive an order When you get an order, packing it and sending it out is a lot of work. You must print a packing slip, shipping label, arrange a box to pack the item, stick on the shipping labels, and then give it to the shipping guys to pick it up. This is only for one order. Now if you got 20 orders a day, this would be a good chunk work and a lot of time will be lost in shipping alone.

This is where Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App comes to your rescue. With FBA, you send your stuff to Amazon, they do everything else for you.

BigCommerce Multi-Channel Fulfillment

With FBA, sellers not restricted to sell on Amazon alone. They can sell their products on other marketplaces and fulfill their multi-channel orders with FBA.

Multichaenl Fullfilment
Cheap Shipping

Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App is cheaper than shipping through other means. Amazon charges very nominal for packaging and shipping the products to the customer. You can check the prices and compare before finalizing to use Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App services.

Cheap Shipping
Automatic Prime

When you fulfill with Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App, your items automatically qualify for Amazon Prime shipping, this gives your prime customers free shipping in two days for all the products they shop for.

This reward is a huge motivator for consumers to buy more products and get them delivered in two days’ time.

As a seller, you don’t have to pay extra, and you’ll be charged the same rate, whether your customer is a Prime or regular consumer.

Pros of Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App

Like everything else, this also has its share of roses and thorns. Let us first look at the pros first before we move on to the bad news –

You sell on Amazon’s marketplace and you already leverage the world class warehousing and order fulfillment of Amazon.
How Do I Get Automated
Multi-Channel Fulfillment App?
Variations, categories, and high res images?
We provide them all.

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What is special about Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App by WebBee?

In the current scenario, Fulfillment by Amazon is a flourishing method for working collectively that is getting prevalent step by step. It is a powerful plan of action that is useful for a business. Utilizing Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App subsequently gives entrepreneurs a spectacular opportunity to concentrate on business operations. When you use Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App On BigCommerce, at that point you can subordinate with US & non-US FBA account with your BigCommerce store. It allows you to use the intensity of Amazon FBA over the globe. Once everything is set up, you can undoubtedly benefit ongoing delivery rates and your requests will be naturally sent just as satisfied by Amazon FBA.

Highlights -

a) Multi-channel Amazon Fulfillment -

You can easily satisfy BigCommerce orders with the US just as abroad.

Amazon charges half expenses for selling items but with the assistance of BigCommerce Fulfillment, you can set aside extra cash.

Customers can request refreshes and favorable data from Amazon FBA.

Once FBA request finished through your store, FBA dispatching naturally pulls endlessly satisfaction costs from Amazon.

Why we need a BigCommerce Shipping App?

The moment when you initially kickoff your business, it might be possible that you know little about printing marks and pleasing requests by hand. When your business evolves, you will understand the implication of manual procedure. Mostly, it is seen when the client gets their bundles late then it might influence your image acknowledgment. In order to render top-quality customer experience, you have to take care of shipping. There are numerous apps available in Big Commerce App Store so picking out a perfect app is a daunting task. In case, you have made an incorrect decision then it will influence your enterprise.

Advanced features of BigCommerce Shipping Apps -

By using BigCommerce shipping apps, you can easily manage your orders of BigCommerce store from your Android phone. It provides you all controls where you need not install any plugin or bridge. All you need to do is just create a Legacy API account directly from your BigCommerce Store admin. Once you do that, you will immediately get the API path, API username & API account. These details are required for login into BigCommerce shipping apps. If you are still confused about which e-commerce platform suits you better then firstly you have to compare business requirements and then make the final decision.

Let’s have a look at the features -

Users can easily search orders via order ID. If they don’t have such order ID then they can search via customer details like first name, last name & email ID etc.

A customer can view order dates & data according to device timezone.

If the vendor wants to change order status then they can easily process it via order detail page.

If you want to send order details to another email address in PDF format then you can easily do that.

You can view complete data like shipping details, order items, billing details.

By making some changes into the Settings page, you can receive the latest order notifications.

You can also create shipment from order detail page without any complexity.

Crucial advantages of using Big-commerce Shipping apps-

1) Simplicity of use

Big-commerce apps are simple to use as they have a user-friendly interface through which you can change daily store tasks. Besides this, these apps have intuitive UI so that you can go through the store setup process. Automated returns, payment gateway integration, statistics are some of the user-friendly functions of Big-commerce App Store.

2) Flexibility with payment

If you are a store owner then you need not to purchase a separate hosting account. Needless to say, a faster website not only assistive for exploding sales but also supply better search engine ranking. Merchants can take offline payments and hold their current protocols with the bank.

3) BigCommerce Next

BCN or Big-commerce Next is just an upgrade to the original shipping functionality. There are many features that are introduced with BCN i.e., blogging framework, responsive themes, integration with Google trusted stores etc. Last but not least, Traffic Engine Feature helps you to complete various marketing tasks.

4) Checkout customization

Do you really care about the checkout section for e-commerce sore? In the purchase cycle, checkout is the final stage. BigCommerce cart customization permits your customer to buy articles in such a way that involve no excess efforts. Customization is not a complex term, in fact, customers can determine payment options without facing any trouble. At the time of checkout, customers can upload or download the PDF of the purchase order and the merchant can easily save the customer’s purchase history.

5) SEO Engine Friendly

If you want to change the visibility of e-commerce site then BigCommerce Amazon API is the best option for you. It offers search engine friendly tools through which you can rise rankings of your website. BigCommerce shipping apps also provide specific tools that are specially designed to optimize every page to maximize rankings. Besides this, you can integrate your website with the latest marketing tools such as iContact, oLark, MailChimp. If your active e-commerce platform does not assist shipping providers then you have to change it as soon as possible. To improve reach via organic search, you can use advanced features such as rich snippets, built-in blogging platform, product reviews.

If you are willing to start your own online store then no doubt BigCommerce Amazon API will help you to grow, yet ensure that you have a steady stream of customers. Besides this, you can also hire a company that will help you to promote your online stores to enhance visibility and generate more leads. If you need advice and best practices about Big Commerce Shipping Apps, start your work with us.

Frequently Asked Questions
“Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App” is easy to install in few steps:

Step 2 → Click on “Visit Shopify App Store” button

Step 3 → Type “Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App” in the search box

Step 4 → Click on “Get” button

Step 5 → Click on the button of “Install app”

Step 6 → Click on “Charge approve” button to approve app charge

Step 7 → Your app is successfully installed.

After installing this app, a setting page will open. On this page, you need to fill Amazon credentials and some other information (which are required for operating your amazon store ).

Click on the “product” button on this page. You will be re-directed to a new page where you can see linked and un-linked items. Here, you can link your items with Amazon with ease.

Shopify items having modified Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s).

Shopify items which are not set with corresponding Amazon SKU.

If any error generated during various operations of the app, it sends error notification email.

Items that you sell on store as a kit are bundled items.

The credentials which are needed to access MWS for creating/updating orders.

Check the unchecked box for synchronization of Inventory from Amazon. Default checkbox is unchecked, it means you are not allowing the app to sync your Inventory from Amazon.

If you are making checkbox checked, it means you are allowing to sync your Tracking from Amazon. Default checkbox is unchecked means you are not allowing app to sync your Tracking from amazon

It means sending tracking notification to customers. If you are selecting ‘yes’, it means you are allowing app to send tracking information to customer.

Shopify shipping methods that needs to be mapped with the corresponding amazon shipping method(used with order)

An app is easy to uninstall with following steps:

Step 1 – > Go to Apps

Step 2 → Delete the app from apps


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Pros of Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment App

  • Inventory Sync from FBA To Shopify
  • Shipping information sync from FBA to Shopify
  • Preference settings for FBA Shipping Category
  • Location settings for Store's Product syncing