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Frequently Asked Questions
We are providing a seamless App integration services since more than a decade. Our expert web store creation services and in-depth customized solution are capable of connecting a wide range of marketplaces and industries. Our expert team deliver complete support in managing end-to-end e-commerce business operations with unmatched dedication.
“Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment” is easy to install in few steps:

Step 2 → Click on “Visit Shopify App Store” button

Step 3 → Type “Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment” in the search box

Step 4 → Click on “Get” button

Step 5 → Click on the button of “Install app”

Step 6 → Click on “Charge approve” button to approve app charge

Step 7 → Your app is successfully installed.

After installing this app, a setting page will open. On this page, you need to fill Amazon credentials and some other information (which are required for operating your amazon store ).

Click on the “product” button on this page. You will be re-directed to a new page where you can see linked and un-linked items. Here, you can link your items with Amazon with ease.

Shopify items having modified Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s).

Shopify items which are not set with corresponding Amazon SKU.

If any error generated during various operations of the app, it sends error notification email.

Items that you sell on store as a kit are bundled items.

The credentials which are needed to access MWS for creating/updating orders.

Check the unchecked box for synchronization of Inventory from Amazon. Default checkbox is unchecked, it means you are not allowing the app to sync your Inventory from Amazon.

If you are making checkbox checked, it means you are allowing to sync your Tracking from Amazon. Default checkbox is unchecked means you are not allowing app to sync your Tracking from amazon

It means sending tracking notification to customers. If you are selecting ‘yes’, it means you are allowing app to send tracking information to customer.

Shopify shipping methods that needs to be mapped with the corresponding amazon shipping method(used with order)

An app is easy to uninstall with following steps:

Step 1 – > Go to Apps

Step 2 → Delete the app from apps

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Pros of Automated Multi-Channel Fulfillment

  • Inventory Sync from FBA To Shopify
  • Shipping information sync from FBA to Shopify
  • Preference settings for FBA Shipping Category
  • Location settings for Store's Product syncing