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What is Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App Shipping?

Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, to help business flourish easily.

Amazon charges a small amount to provide you this service and take care of your inventory.

No Hassle For Shipping

Becoming a seller online is not an easy job. When you receive an order When you get an order, packing it and sending it out is a lot of work. You must print a packing slip, shipping label, arrange a box to pack the item, stick on the shipping labels, and then give it to the shipping guys to pick it up. This is only for one order. Now if you got 20 orders a day, this would be a good chunk work and a lot of time will be lost in shipping alone.

This is where Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App Shipping comes to your rescue. With FBA, you send your stuff to Amazon, they do everything else for you.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment Shopify

With FBA, sellers not restricted to sell on Amazon alone. They can sell their products on other marketplaces and fulfill their multi-channel orders with FBA.

Multichaenl Fullfilment
Cheap Shipping

Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App Shipping is cheaper than shipping through other means. Amazon charges very nominal for packaging and shipping the products to the customer. You can check the prices and compare before finalizing to use Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App Shipping services.

Cheap Shipping
Automatic Prime

When you fulfill with Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App Shipping, your items automatically qualify for Amazon Prime shipping, this gives your prime customers free shipping in two days for all the products they shop for.

This reward is a huge motivator for consumers to buy more products and get them delivered in two days’ time.

As a seller, you don’t have to pay extra, and you’ll be charged the same rate, whether your customer is a Prime or regular consumer..

Pros of Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App

Like everything else, this also has its share of roses and thorns. Let us first look at the pros first before we move on to the bad news.

You sell on Amazon’s marketplace and you already leverage the world class warehousing and order fulfillment of Amazon.
How Do I Get Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App?
Variations, categories, and high res images?
We provide them all.

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How Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App on Shopify helpful for all of us?

There exist numerous benefits of using Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App on Shopify. People can trade their products in an extremely simple way via Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App. In fact, it is a leading app that can track and update the inventory levels directly from Amazon to Big-commerce. Besides this, Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment Shopify App properly comprehends the factor that the vendor can use Bundles on Big-commerce and this is the reason that the app also has Bundles on Big-commerce to individuals gadgets on Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App. One of the biggest advantages is that the app is user-friendly and hence users need not compromise on functionality.

Advantages of Fulfillment by Amazon -

a) Multi-channel Amazon Fulfillment -

FBA Shopify Store is not just about selling on Amazon, in fact, it is more than that. Users can also use FBA for other sales channels too. The best part is users can enjoy free exchanging options and standard delivery times. It is quite difficult to handle fulfillment across various channels but Amazon handles everything so that you can deliver an amazing experience to purchasers. It does not matter if you are selling on Amazon or not, just keep your orders and shipping process consistent.

b) Discounted Shipping Rates -

One of the biggest advantages of FBA Shopify Store is that it provides the ability to users that is quite reliable in growing business. Shipping speed is the most important term that users always think before buying anything. Those users who are prime members can easily take advantage of Amazon Prime Free Two Day Shipping. Moreover, all users can also receive free shipping on eligible products without any hassle.

c) Customer Experience -

Want to reach a wide audience? If yes, Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment Shopify App is the sole solution for all of us. This is because Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App app provides you diverse shipping alternatives, easy return process, fast delivery, and amazing consumer assistance. In order to boost your sales then fulfill customer expectations and get fruitful results in return.

d) Return Policy -

It does not matter if you are providing the best service, in fact, it is more important to concentrate on managing trade operations. In any circumstances, if customers have any issues with the items then they can return via Amazon’s Online Returns Center. By using this, consumers can conveniently return items without facing any kind of obstacles. You need not to think about logistics but you have to reimburse some processing fees.

What do you understand by Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

After checking outstanding advantages of Amazon Multichannel Fulfillment Shopify, now you have to understand the cost through which you can get more info about service. There exist various scenarios that include additional fees, these are -

a) Bulky items have special handling fees according to shipment.

b) If your inventory is placed for a longer time period i.e., 6 months.

c) $0.40 will sustain on clothing.

d) Consumer returns on particular categories.

e) Storeroom and attainment fees will increase from October to December.

If you have large & bulky items with long shelf lives then definitely you have to capitalize additional charges. Use Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator for estimating the cost as well as revenue. Just remember one thing i.e., Amazon charges fees almost yearly, yet you have to remain updated with all kind of changes.

How does FBA work?

Let’s know more about this process step by step

1.Send Catalogue

Across the US, Amazon has approx 100 warehouses. You have to discuss with the company about what kind of products you are dispatching. After that, the firm will tell you what type of warehouses are used to ship your articles.

2.Receive and store

Once Amazon receives your products, the company will immediately add them to inventory.

3.Customer order products

Now, its Amazon’s responsibility to take care of your articles and also handle the entire transaction. The company will accept payment and automatically update the inventory.

4.Pick, pack and ship

Amazon’s warehouse workers will grab your articles from storage, properly packs it and then ship it to the clients.

5.Customer Services & Returns

Amazon ensures that the clients are completely happy with the shipment. Other than this, the organization likewise handles returns, questions from the client immediately. The whole procedure sounds beautiful! Yet at the same time, there are many things that you should mull over -

a) You need to pick which sort of items you are selling.

b) You need to keep your stock in stock.

c) You need to publicize your items.

Pros of using Fulfillment by Amazon

1. Managing your own fulfillment is quite a time absorbing process. With the help of FBA, you can outsource the entire process as well as take advantage of their expertise.

2. One of the biggest advantages of using Fulfillment by Amazon is that you can avail amazing discounts while sending your inventory to Amazon. On the other hand, buyers can also get the benefit as numerous series are available for free shipping.

3. Amazon knows everything very well i.e., from handling all administrative aspects as well as dealing with upset shoppers.

4. If you are using Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment Shopify App then you need not to take stress about storage space for your substances. Luckily, if you have high inventory performance scores then you can easily get unlimited storage.

5. By using Amazon Multichannel Fulfillment Shopify, you can sell your products on other channels with facing any kind of issues.

What is amazingly uncommon identified with FBA shipping?

Have you rarely attempt to setup Shopify's combination? All things considered, the procedure is amazingly troublesome that we can not depict in words. However, you will be astounded to realize that FBA shipping application is the direct inverse of that. We can pull following insights and request remodels from Amazon and after that straightforwardly send to purchasers. Other than this, we likewise help you to alter shipping rates and furthermore offer free delivering to your customers.

Final Thoughts

Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment Shopify App allows you to show your gadgets in front of million users. Hence, you are allowed to take advantage of the largest fulfillment network in the world conveniently. On the opposite side, once articles are backed by Amazon, eventually customers will trust & hence help to build brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions
“Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App” is easy to install in few steps:

Step 2 → Click on “Visit Shopify App Store” button

Step 3 → Type “Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App” in the search box

Step 4 → Click on “Get” button

Step 5 → Click on the button of “Install app”

Step 6 → Click on “Charge approve” button to approve app charge

Step 7 → Your app is successfully installed.

After installing this app, a setting page will open. On this page, you need to fill Amazon credentials and some other information (which are required for operating your amazon store ).

Click on the “product” button on this page. You will be re-directed to a new page where you can see linked and un-linked items. Here, you can link your items with Amazon with ease.

Shopify items having modified Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s).

Shopify items which are not set with corresponding Amazon SKU.

If any error generated during various operations of the app, it sends error notification email.

Items that you sell on store as a kit are bundled items.

The credentials which are needed to access MWS for creating/updating orders.

Check the unchecked box for synchronization of Inventory from Amazon. Default checkbox is unchecked, it means you are not allowing the app to sync your Inventory from Amazon.

If you are making checkbox checked, it means you are allowing to sync your Tracking from Amazon. Default checkbox is unchecked means you are not allowing app to sync your Tracking from amazon

It means sending tracking notification to customers. If you are selecting ‘yes’, it means you are allowing app to send tracking information to customer.

Shopify shipping methods that needs to be mapped with the corresponding amazon shipping method(used with order)

An app is easy to uninstall with following steps:

Step 1 – > Go to Apps

Step 2 → Delete the app from apps


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Pros of Automated Multi Channel Fulfillment App

  • Inventory Sync from FBA To Shopify
  • Shipping information sync from FBA to Shopify
  • Preference settings for FBA Shipping Category
  • Location settings for Store's Product syncing